Hajj Package 2014 USA – Madinah first

Madinah first Hajj Package standard B1  

(Sold out. call 1-866-565-8040 for available packages)


Return: 8 Oct to 9 Oct

MADINAH FIRST 25 ZQ TO 1 ZH  ( Approximately Sept 22- sept 27)

Package Prices:

  • $ 6995* for Quad
  • $ 7295* for Triple
  • $ 7590* for Double

Package available from USA only.

Travel Dates

Tentative departure from the USA 20/21 September 2014.

Tentative departure from Saudi Arabia 08/09 October 2014.

(1)          Medina: 20/21 Sep ( 25/26 ZQ – 1ZH)

Accommodation: Radisson Blue / Al Khozama 5 star or similar close to the Haram. Quad, Triple and Double occupancy are available.

Food: Breakfast and dinner open buffet will be served at the Hotel.

Travel by AC buses from Medina to Makkah


(2)          Makkah: 27 – 2 Oct ( 1-5ZH)

Accommodation: Zam Zam Hotel (5Star) or similar close to the haram. Quad, Triple and Double occupancy are available.

Food: Breakfast and dinner open buffet served at the hotel.


(3)          Manasik: 2- 9 Oct (5-14ZH)

Azizia or similar area in the vicinity of Makkah in a hotel style building /with private bathroom 5-14 ZH. Occupancy based on room size; double, triple and quad occupancy does not apply at Azizia. You have full access to your rooms and personal luggage during the Manasik. Building will be closer to Jamrat and Minah to facilitate Hujjaj during main hajj days/masasik period.

Mena in North American AC tents. Bedding will be provided. You will have full access to Azizia accommodation during the Mena period.

Food: Breakfast box meals will be served (10-12ZH). Dinner box meals will be served (8-11ZH). Refreshments will be served.

Arafat in North American tents

Hujjaj will be transported to Arafat camps using buses. A day to be spent in Arafat till after the sunset. Meal and refreshment will be served.


Mazdelipha over night stay in open ground.

Overnight sleepover in open ground of Mazdelipha following the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)

Packaged meal will be served in dinner (No hot meal possible during mazdelipha night stay) Breakfast will be served in Minah camps after return



Air-conditioned bus for transportation Medina to Makkah and Manasik.

Muslim Scholars will accompany the group.

Visit to historical sites in Medina.

Travel dates may vary by one day according to the selected flights.


Hajj package does not include:

  • Hajj checks paid to the Unified Agent Office and Visa processing ($300 expected cost)
  • Prices are based on travel from JFK and Washington gateway. Other gateways are available based on your departure city. Extra fees will be charged.
  • Cost of zabiha/sacrifice (about $150)
  • $50/person shipping & handling charges
  • Any additional charges related to stopover to other destinations other than Saudi Arabia
  • Side trip to Pakistan/India/Bangladesh $650/person (Optional). Any other country please call 410-661-8686

1-866-565-8040  1-410 661-8686 www.labaiktours.com

Price subject to change without notice. Management keep the rights to modify the program to best fit Hajj dates and requirments

Things you must know before your Hajj travel

Hajj picture

On the Road to Hajj with Labaik Tours USA.

1)    Write your last “Will”  (Waseeyat) before you travel. This is also a part of Sunnah.

2)    Make sure your travel documents are completed. Make 2 copies of your passports and ticket and keep two sets with you in different luggage for backup purpose.

3)    Put visible labels on your luggage. Write your name, phone number, USA address and phone number and name of hotel in Madinah and Hotel in Makkah and our provided Emergency number. This information will be provided to you soon and will also be written back of your provided ID card.

4)    Reach minimum 4 hours before the departure time at the airport

5)    Wear provided ID Tag, wear provided Bagpack before arriving at the Airport. Wear your ID tag all the time during your hajj.  Women should wear the provided Hijjab to be recognized in crowed. These Hijjab will be given to you in Madinah (Inshallah)

6)    Keep all your medicine in clear plastic zip log bag. If you have to take hand lotion, toothpaste and any other liquid in your hand luggage then take the small quantity of it in small bottles and put it in clear plastic zip lock bags. This will save your time on airport security check points.

7)     Keep of Anti rash cream, Petroleum Jelly ( to apply on your inner thighs), Eye cover mask and Ear plugs for sleeping in noisy environment.

8)     A flu shot will be a great help but take a advice from your doctor if it’s suitable for you. Take cold and cough medicine,  with you. I personally recommend “Joshanda” the herbal cold and cough medicine which is quite effective. This is usually available on Pakistani or Indian grocery stores.  Get Antibiotic, cough syrup and soar throat medicine and Tylenol as per your doctor advice.

9)     Few small zip lock bags for keeping your pabbles ( stone for jamrat), small flash light will also be helpful to find these stones during Mazdelepha night stay.

10)  A sprayer bottle to spray mist during hot days in Saudi Arabia. You can also buy it from Makkah or Madinah usually available in store such as “Bin Dawood Mall” near to your hotel.

11)  Few Energy bars and some choclate or sweet for Diabatic patients (in case their sugar level drops significantly)

12)   One suite case and one handcarry, don’t overload yourself as you have to stopover multiple points.

13)  Small Quran, book of Hadith, MP3 Player with Quranic recitation and useful lectures to listen.

14)  Unlock mobile phone. If you have non-verizon phone such as iPhone or Tmobile phone and a contract over 2 years then call the customer service and they may be able to do unlock free of cost. You can also buy cheaper mobile phone from Madinah or Makkah from local shops near your hotel which costs about $25-$35.

15)  Make 2 Rakah Nafil before you leave home and make prayer for safe completion of hajj and safe return for yourself and everyone. Make a lot of Astagfar ( Touba) and keep yourself in Zikr. Remember Allah Sunbhano Talah, accepts dua or travellers.

And offcourse, take a lot of patiance with you. Have a safe Hajj 2013. May Allah give you success here and hereafter. Amin.



To our all Prestigious Hujjaj-e-Ekaram performing Hajj this year:

Below is the estimated Itinerary of your Hajj 2013. These dates may vary and depends on moon sighting in Saudi Arabia for hajj this year as well Saudi Arbia hajj policy this year. Also departure and return dates are different for each group as we have more than one group travelling on different dates.
Oct 4) Leaving from USA to Medina
Oct 5) Arriving in Medinah Airport, transferring to Hotel Al-Khozama a 5 star hotel near to Haram.
Oct 9 ) Leaving from Medinah to Makkah. Ehram should be put on at the site of Meqat just after leaving Madinah. Pray 2 Rakah Nafil in this Masjid for intention of Umrah. Start Talbiyah (labaik Allahuma…)
Oct 10) leave for Mina tents on 8th Zil-Hujj by busses.
15 Oct) Leave to Arafat and stay till Maghrib. Pray nafil and Quran and make Dua’s as much as you can because this is the prime day of Hajj. Don’t waste your day in worldly talk. Specially make Duas between Asar and Maghrib, standing and facing Qibla and raise your hands high as Rool-Allah ( peace be upon him did same). Make Duas for all Ummah as well.
15 Oct) after Maghrib leave for Muzdalifa
Spend a night in Muzdalifa in a open ground and collect stone for stoning the Jamrat (Shaitan)
16 Oct) leave from Muzdalifa to Mina
16 Oct) leave from Mina to Jamrat ( First day of stoning to Big Shaitan)
17 Oct) 2nd day of stoning to 1, 2, 3 shaitan ( second day old people and women can give their stones to their mehram for stone on their behalf)
18 Oct) 3rd Day of Jamrat ,stoning 1,2, 3, Shaitan, Return to Azizia buiding
19 Oct Transfer to Zam Zam hotel in front of Haram.
19 Oct to 25t Oct, stay in 5 star Zam Zam hotel , relax, buy souvenirs, do Umrah and Tawaf.
25/26 Oct Makkah to Jeddah Airport. ( People leaving early will follow their schedule)
Watch this useful video (link below) for Hajj learning in Urdu. May Allah make your hajj easy and Hajj-e-mabaroor, and complete it successfully and save us from hardship. Amin. JazakAllha khairun.

Management Labaik Tours.