Hajj Package 2016  Madinah first

  from  $7495.00*

          Limited spaces available. Reserve your package  now!!!

• Round trip airfare  Washington & NY to Saudi Arabia (Other airports available on extra price)

• Makkah Accommodation in 5 star hotel facing Haram  , (14 ZH-20 ZH) facing Haram. Breakfast and dinner

• Madinah Accomodation in 4-5 star Hotel steps away to Haram (1 ZH- 4 ZH 4  DAYS). Breakfast and dinner

• Hotel style Building near Mina for facilitating Hujjaj during hajj main days ( 4 to 14 ZH).

• Regular North America Mena Camp. Water Air-cooled tents.  Distance to Jamrat ( stonning place) is about 30 to 45 minutes walk.

• Two meals per day (Breakfast and dinner in Hotel and building).

• Two meal daily will be served during the Manasek period (8-12 ZH) at the camps. Refreshments will be available.

• Packaged meal served during Minah stay (no buffet in tents). Simple packaged and non hot meal will be served during Muzdelipha over night stay for 1 night.

• Arafat in regular North America camps.  Simple Packaged meal will be served.

• All transportation will be in Mutawaf air-conditioned buses.

• Religious Guide accompany with the group.

• Hajj seminar before and during Hajj.

• Ziarat ( Holy places) trip in Madinah

• Free hajj book

• Free Sim card one per person

• Free Hajj backpack

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