Hajj Package 2019 2C-14 Days- from $7498 – Most Popular


           PACKAGE FEATURES:                                                                               

  • Makkah first. Avoid up to 12 hrs delay on road on Madinah to Makkah Packages and risking health before Hajj.
  • Makkah Hotel just steps away from Masjid Al Haram.  Breakfast and Dinner
  • North American Tents with breakfast and Dinner.  Optional upgrade to VIP tents near Jamarat for additional $2000/person.
  •  Hot & Cold Refreshments During Mina stay
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Lowest price in Market for Non- Azizia Package with Hotels at close distance. 
  • Religious scholar will accompany the group. Hajj training seminar and webinar before and during Hajj trip.
  • Free hajj Books, backpack, Ladies Hijab and men Ehram towels. 
  • Tentative Departure: 27 July / Return: 14 August
  • Makkah:  Retaj Al Bayt Suites in Clock Tower complex just steps away from marble floor outside Masjid Al Haram. Ideal location. Most rooms are multi level with 2 bathrooms and kitchenette


  • Madinah:   Province Hotel near main enterance of Masjid Al Nabvi. Conveniently located in central area and short walking distance.  Location for Madina Hotel 


  • $7498 / 4 in a room
  • $8498 / 3  in a room
  • $9298 / 2 in a room


  • The above prices are based on per person and subject to availability at the time of booking.
  • The departure and arrival date may vary +/- 1 -2 days depending on the flights schedule.
  • The Hajj Fee $350/- and Zabiha Fee of $150/- are not included in the package price.
  • The KSA has introduced VAT 5% and Municipality Tax 5% as of January 1st 2018 and February 14th 2018, respectively, The Tax amount $300 is not included in package price.
  • The additional surcharge of $545 on the pilgrims who have performed hajj in 2015/16/17, is not included in package price.
  • The cost of shipping & handling $50/person is not included in package price.
  • Domestic flights to international gateways are not included and is customer’s responsibility.
  • If you miss your flight then there will be no compensation will be provided.

Departure & Return Location

Leave from New York ( JFK ) And Washington ( IAD ) other airports available and may cost extra charges

 Tentative Package Dates:

July 27 – August 14

Please note: departure and return date could vary +1/-1 day depending on city

Price Includes

Round trip airfare

Makkah  Hotel

Madinah Hotel

Mina North American Tents at a walking distance of approximately 30 to 45 minutes

Food & Services of this package

Breakfast and dinner buffets are provided in Makkah and Madinah hotels

Breakfast, and dinner provided during the days of Hajj in tents

Hajj coordinator and scholar (Shaykh) for guidance throughout the Hajj

Experienced office staff to cater to all pre-Hajj questions and procedures

Ground staff of locals assisting you throughout the trip

Hajj seminars online/in-person, PDFs and a guidebook

Exclusives & Gifts

Educational training and books before you depart

Ehram Towels (for men) and pilgrim’s Hijab (for sisters)

Backpack, shoe bag

Personalized ID badges


Important Note:

*Add on flights from cities other than New York, Washington & Chicago are available at additional prices. Please inquire before purchasing.
Note: Departure date may vary +/- 1-2 days depending on flight schedule and without any prior notice. Hotel stay dates may vary +/- 1-2 days due to Islamic Hijri dates and moon sighting.

Reality of Hajj Pilgrimage and acknowledgement about Hajj expected difficulties:

Due to huge rising number of pilgrimage every year in two holy cities of Saudi Arabia, it’s not possible to have everything on time and 100% perfect as per the our wish. Hajj is the biggest gathering on the face of earth as well as the a difficult worship. Allah Subhano Talah has prescribed it to those who can financially and physically able to afford this. However the reward in result which Allah talah has promised it, is nothing but “Jannah” and sin free like new born baby. You may expect extremely hot weather,illness, high traffic,  long lines in Mina toilets, tight spaces in Mina tents sleeping beds, delays in transport arrival/departure, flight delays and sudden changes in schedule, airline carrier, accommodation or any unexpected situation beyond anyone’s control, Delays in food arrival in Mina and Arafat due to huge traffic around the city of Makkah. Labaik Tours wants to be honest to tell you these facts so you can be prepared for this.

Price subject to change without prior notice unless you already booked it with your deposit.

A deposit of $2500/person is required. Remaining full amount to be paid by May 1st, 2019. Applying after May 30th Required full payment.  

Day to Day Itinerary for Hajj 2018  (Dates are subject to moon sighting and hijri dates in Saudi Arabia)

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Hajj-e-Badal For $3998

Hajj e Badal is referred to the Hajj performed on behalf of someone else who is physically unfit or is no more in this world. The person who is going to perform the Hajj on someone else’s behalf is known as Mahmoor and on whose behalf he is doing Hajj is known as Aamir.

Mahmoor and Aamir are required to abide by certain rules and principles. The conditions for are mentioned under:

Conditions for Aamir (On whose Behalf the Hajj is to be performed):

  1. Hajj should be mandatory upon the crippled individual as per the Shari’ah standards. If it is not then there is no requirement for sending someone else for Hajj e Badal.
  2. The impaired individual should to be unfit to perform Hajj himself. In case, if the disability is temporary, he/she should wait to get fit and should perform Hajj on his or her own even if a Hajj e Badal has already been perform on his/her name. If the disability is permanent/ lifelong, (for instance blindness, or weakness due to old age) Hajj e Badal is sufficient regardless of the possibility of these problems getting treated later.
  3. Hajj e Badal will not be valid if any disability is not present in the individual before he/she sends someone to perform the Hajj on their behalf.
  4. It is required that the crippled individual him/ herself should ask somebody to perform Hajj e Badal for him or her. Leaving a will before death (nominating an individual for Hajj e Badal) is the same as asking someone in person. However, it is alright if a beneficiary performs Hajj e Badal or gets it performed by someone else for an expired individual.
  5. Aamir (the disabled person/ family of the deceased person) is required to bear all the sort of expenses related to Hajj e Badal.

Conditions for Mahmoor (Who will be performing Hajj e Badal)

  1. It is compulsory for the person who is to perform Hajj on someone else’s behalf to be a Muslim.
  2. The chosen person (Mahmoor) should be mentally fit and composed and levelheaded.
  3. He or she is required to make Ni’yah (intention for Hajj) on behalf of the individual who sent him for Hajj e Badal, while wearing the Ihram.
  4. Women are also allowed to perform Hajj e Badal for any other woman or man. Even though travelling with a Mehram (Male) is not a requirement or Hajj e Badal (remains valid even without having a Mehram along), but if a woman does that, she will be a sinner.
  5. Hajj e Badal has to be performed by the selected individual only unless he has taken special permission by the authorities to get it done by someone else. In such a case, it is acceptable to send someone else on his behalf.
  6. The appointed person is required to perform the kind of Hajj he has been request for, such as Hajj Tammatu or Qiran (Tammatu is the kind of Hajj where Umrah and Hajj are separately undertaken during Hajj months, and Qiran is the combination or alternative performance of Umrah and Hajj).
  7. Mahmoor is not permitted to perform Hajj for himself or on behalf of two people at the same time. It is obligatory for Mahmoor to put Ihram on the behalf of the person who sent him for Hajj e Badal.
  8. The designated person for Hajj e Badal should embark on the journey by conveyance and not by foot.
  9. Technically, the Hajj e Badal journey should start from the residence of Aamir (the person on whose behalf the Hajj has to be performed) but if Hajj Badal is being arranged out of one-third of the disabled man’s or deceased’s property, it can begin from anywhere depending on the amount of money available.
  10. Mahmoor should ensure not to miss any imperative (Farz) part of Hajj because there is no compensation for it.

Different schools of thoughts support different beliefs. As per the Hanafi belief, it is not essential that Hajj e Badal should be performed by someone who has performed his own Hajj first. On the contrary, Ahl-e-Hadith believes that the selected individual must have performed his own Hajj first. Keeping in mind the contradiction in views, it is safer to send someone who has already performed his own Hajj first.

Last Minute Offer Economy Hajj Package 2018 – Not available



Apartment Building Makkah(15min. walk approx.) and Province Alsham

Madina,Upgraded AC North American Tents, Private Luxury buses *, Breakfast and dinner. Zabhiaha, Hajj fee and Taxes included.

Guided by Religious Scholor

Flight from IAD,JFK


 $6995/Person ( 5 People/room)

Call  302-401-4991



*Private buses for only Makkah-Medinah –Jeddah routes only.Muallam buses for Manasik of Hajj. Limited time offer and subject to space availability at the time of booking.


Wheelchair For Pilgrimage Just in $198/chair

Product name


Product model



Steel Pipe

Handle material

ABS plastic

Height adjustment

Multi-angle adjustment


Biue/ red

Folding size


Weight capacity