Hajj Package Premium 2017 from $9998


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Madinah First

August 22, 2017 – September 6, 2017


NIGHTS  Madinah Hilton Hotel

NIGHTS  Fairmont Makkah Royal Clock Tower


Executive Mena Camp (in front of Jamarat)

Executive Arafat Camp

Reserved Space in Muzdalifa

SAUID AIRLINE:  New York – Medinah – Jeddah – New York

Domestic flight MEDINAH JEDDAH INCLUDED (Economy class)

QUAD ROOM $9,998 / pp

TRIPLE ROOM $10,998 / pp

DOUBLE ROOM $12,998 / pp

Not included Zabiha $150 and Hajj draft 300 per person


  • During the entire Manasik of Hajj, you are able to stay at a 5-star hotel in Mecca and be transported back and forth each day until your successful completion of Hajj
  • Access to the Exclusive Mena Camps, located right across from the Jamarat; the air-conditioned Mena pre-fabricated units are constructed with drywall for added comfort and privacy
  • Unlimited access to Mena Executive Lounge with executive accommodations (furnished foam mattress sleeping chair)
  • Private Arafat camp in executive air-conditioned furnished tents
  • Latest model private buses throughout Hajj trip


  • Breakfast and dinner buffets will be provided in the 5-star hotels in Medina
  • Breakfast and lunch provided in the 5-star hotels in Mecca during the Manasik
  • Dinner buffets will be provided in Mena
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided in Arafat

As well as these core features and services:

  • Dedicated assigned group manager throughout the booking process as well as a dedicated group leader for your Hajj trip
  • Hajj tutorial sessions prior to your trip through a variety of  sessions, conference calls and in-person seminars
  • Dedicated qualified Imams in each program to provide you spiritual guidance throughout your trip
  • Worry-free luggage management & transportation
  • Medically qualified staff available for general assistance
  • Dedicated barbers are available at the Mena camp
  • Our team of staff members are available and assisting you at all times
  • All of your hotel stays will provide you with breakfast and dinner buffets or as specified within your itinerary


Labaik Tours provides you with the following:

  • Educational Hajj materials prior to trip
  • Ihrams for male pilgrims
  • Prayer rugs for female pilgrims
  • ZamZam water to bring back home
  • Labaik Backpack/Shoe bag for your convenience


  • Hajj draft fee ($300)
  • Sacrifice ($150)
  • Domestic flight to international gateways

Sign-up : To signup fill out the attached forms and send $4000 /person deposit. Remaining amount due by 15th of Shaban


Note: Departure date may vary +/-  1-2 days depending on flight schedule

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