What should women wear during Umrah?

Umrah Women Dress

Umrah is an Arabic word that means to visit populated places. Also known as small pilgrimage, practiced and performed voluntarily by Muslims to show their devotion towards Almighty Allah. Umrah is a holy ritual which comprises of adorning the Ihram ( two-piece unstitched cloth for men, any regular and acceptable modest dressing for women), circumambulation of the Holy Kaaba followed by Saee which is ritualistic running/walking between the mountains of Safa and Marwa. Before going for Umrah, everyone needs to learn about rituals and how to perform it. But, before learning about it, you need to select the best Umrah Package for you and your family members. It can be done anytime in a year.


———-Clothing Tips For Women For Umrah———


  •  There is no specific dress that is prescribed for women, unlike men. They can wear their everyday clothing; the only condition is their clothes must be clean and sewn to cover their body parts properly. Don’t take just one piece of Ihram (abayas). Keep at least three sets of Ihram (Abayas) as you’re going to work multiple times. (Ihram basically means covering the main organs).


  •  Ihram for Women should be made from the fabric which doesn’t stick to the body and must be sufficiently thick & long as well as loose-fitting(breathable), so as to not reveal any part of the body in the sunlight. Also, women can wear any color.


  •  If you are covering your face, the cloth should not touch your face, there should be some distance between your face and cloth and need to cover up till your ankle and wrist. But wearing a headscarf is necessary too. You can for soft or lightweight cotton thick scarf. (Thick scarf – To avoid any see-through).


  •  Any kind of attractive scent shouldn’t have emerged from the Ihram.


  •  You can wear jewelry but wearing it for fashion purposes or to show off is forbidden during the performance of Umrah.


  •  Gloves or any other thing that covers their hands are also not allowed.

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General guideline about hajj and Umrah 2019

We have described following guideline for hajj and umrah 2019.

Lower gaze :

It means for a woman to lower their gaze. Being a Muslim, you must avoid things where men and women gather together (especially in Makkah).

Safeguard your Self-Respect:

Every woman (barring women above 45 years) is obliged to travel with Haj and Umrah for a mehram (he can not marry). Therefore it is the duty of men to keep them safe.

Avoid Mingling with Non-Mehrams:

It is prohibited (in all circumstances) to make a relationship with non-Mehroms who are living in the same hotel or in the same group that you like. Tourism leaders and representatives should avoid being friendly with women in the group.

Pre – Hajj or Umrah Preparationn:

Another important general guideline for Hajj / Umrah is to find relevant and essential ‘ilm’ (knowledge) from reliable sources, which are coming out of the accumulation point for Haj or Umrah. This will help you to be free and confident with Hajj / Umrah.

Greet the people around:

Greet your fellow pilgrims that are belonging to the same gender. Every pilgrim is tie to be a Muslim so rise Salam wherever you go.

Help the Elderly:

A general guideline to do Hajj or Umrah is to respect the elders. Whenever possible, be sure to help them so that they complete their Hajj / Umra successfully.

Keep away from (Avoid) musical ringtones on your phone during pilgrimage

Put a simple generic ringtone on your phone, instead of any song or melodic tune. Avoid using your cell phone as much as possible, especially during tawaf. The use of the phone during the holy yatra is an indication of disrespect.

Avoid Taking Pictures:

Hajj and Umrah are performed only for Allah and he does not need any proof.

Be Patient:

Hajj and Umrah can be the true test of patience. On the journey, you will face all kinds of people. Whenever they come in any heterogeneous situation, they should remain calm and not lose their temper.

Be Friendly:

Do not hesitate to interact with your fellow pilgrims. Do not be ashamed to start a conversation. If no one can do any of these, they should pass at least the smile.

Avoid Smoking:

Another common guideline for hajj / Umrah is that anyone should avoid smoking. If they can not, then they should keep it confined to their hotel rooms only.

Don’t Panic:

Taxi in Saudi Arabia can not be in ideal condition. Do not worry if the windscreen is cracked or the side mirror is missing. All you need to do is make sure that you have your seat belt tied.

Facts of makkah or madina

Mecca is Holy city in Islamic Word for Muslims which is located in Saudi Arabia. It is the Birthplace of Prophet Muhammad who is the messenger of God. Mecca is located about 45 miles east of the Red Sea port of Jedda in the Rocky foothills of the Hijaz Mountains. In mecca only Muslims are allowed.

Born in a good family, Muhammad married a woman named Khadija and became the manager of his caravans. Angel Gabriel instructed him about the oneness of Allah when he was meditating in a cave on Mount Hira.

  • Medina is home to the three oldest mosques in which the Quba mosque, al-Masjid-Nabavi and Masjid al-Qibalan.
  • The first mosque built in Muhammad’s time was the Quba mosque, which was destroyed by the lightning around 850 CE.
    kabbaha Majid
  • Earlier the advent of Islam, the city was known as Yathrib and was changed Medina in honor of Muhammad’s prophethood and death there.
  • During World War I, Medina saw the longest siege in history.
  • Medina is located in the most fertile part of all the Hejaz territory.
  • By 1920, 139 varieties of dates were being grown in the sector

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Get Your Umrah and Visa Processing

Get Umrah Tour:

Hajj and Umrah are holy journeys to the House of Allah and hold a high importance in the life of Muslims. All Muslims Peoples around the world travel to Makkah and get Umrah all year around, whereas Hajj can only be done in one month of the year.

Due to the increase in pilgrims, to make a happy journey throughout the year. The best time to get Omar is right after the Hajj in Moharram and Saffron month. Ramzan is probably the busiest and most suitable time to perform with the number of passengers going to Hajj!

There are many travel agents to get Umrah Tours, which can be reasonable or very expensive. However, according to the government of Saudi , anyone willing to perform it has to get their visa processing from verified govt agents in their residence country.


When someone decides to perform this, they have to decide which package and which travel agent will choose. On the contrary, anyone can opt to go independently by receiving their visa through a verified travel agent. However, a package allows the pilgrim full convenience as they don’t have to worry about visa, airfare, accommodation, and transport.

Economy Packages:

Economical packages are of relatively low cost and are ideal for those on a strict budget. However, one has to travel with the group and sometimes it has its own downside at times. However, traveling to the group and family reduces the cost significantly and you can perform your Umrah at a lower cost.

Ramadan Packages:

Ramadan packages are made according to customer budget, time duration and needs. They are more convenient but are not cheap as the Ramadan package.
Whenever you choose a package with a travel agent, do your homework well. The reliableness of the agent, as well as the quality of services should be ensured. Read the online review and see the travel agent’s rating before giving cash and your passport to anyone. A Ramadan package should also be obtained from 4-5 agents so that they can compare the costs and select the most suitable one.