What should women wear during Umrah?

Umrah Women Dress

Umrah is an Arabic word that means to visit populated places. Also known as small pilgrimage, practiced and performed voluntarily by Muslims to show their devotion towards Almighty Allah. Umrah is a holy ritual which comprises of adorning the Ihram ( two-piece unstitched cloth for men, any regular and acceptable modest dressing for women), circumambulation of the Holy Kaaba followed by Saee which is ritualistic running/walking between the mountains of Safa and Marwa. Before going for Umrah, everyone needs to learn about rituals and how to perform it. But, before learning about it, you need to select the best Umrah Package for you and your family members. It can be done anytime in a year.


———-Clothing Tips For Women For Umrah———


  •  There is no specific dress that is prescribed for women, unlike men. They can wear their everyday clothing; the only condition is their clothes must be clean and sewn to cover their body parts properly. Don’t take just one piece of Ihram (abayas). Keep at least three sets of Ihram (Abayas) as you’re going to work multiple times. (Ihram basically means covering the main organs).


  •  Ihram for Women should be made from the fabric which doesn’t stick to the body and must be sufficiently thick & long as well as loose-fitting(breathable), so as to not reveal any part of the body in the sunlight. Also, women can wear any color.


  •  If you are covering your face, the cloth should not touch your face, there should be some distance between your face and cloth and need to cover up till your ankle and wrist. But wearing a headscarf is necessary too. You can for soft or lightweight cotton thick scarf. (Thick scarf – To avoid any see-through).


  •  Any kind of attractive scent shouldn’t have emerged from the Ihram.


  •  You can wear jewelry but wearing it for fashion purposes or to show off is forbidden during the performance of Umrah.


  •  Gloves or any other thing that covers their hands are also not allowed.

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Hajj e Badal

Hajj e Badal is referred to the Hajj do on behalf of someone else who is physically unfit or is no more on an earth. Person who is going to perform the Hajj on someone behalf is known as Mahmoor and on whose behalf on he is doing Hajj is known as Aamir. Mahmoor and Amir are required to fulfil by certain rules and principles. conditions are mention below.

Conditions for Aamir:

  • Hajj should be obligatory upon the disable individual as per the Shari’ah standards. If it is not then there is no need for sending someone else for Hajj e Badal.
  • The crippled individual should be unfit to perform holy Hajj himself. If any inability is temporary, in case, it should wait for it to fit and if he has already performed a Hajj e Badal on his name, then he should go to Hajj.
  • Hajj e Badal will not be valid if a person is not present in a disability, then he/she sends someone to Hajj perform on their behalf.
  • It is required that the disable or impaired individual him/ herself should ask somebody to perform Hajj e Badal for him or her.
  • Aamir (the disabled person/ family of the departed person) is required to bear all the sort of expenses related to Hajj e Badal.

Conditions for Mahmoor:

  • It is required for the person who is to perform Hajj for someone else behalf to be a Muslim.
  • The chosen person (Mahmoure) must be mentally fit and composed and levelheaded.
  • It is necessary for Niyah (intended for Hajj) from the person who had sent him for Hajj-e-Badal, wearing worships.
  • Hajj-e-Badal has to be made by the selected person only till he has not received any special permission from the authorities to obtain it. In such a case, it is acceptable to send someone else on behalf of him.
  • The person appointed is required to perform Hajj like that, for which he has been requested, like Haj Tamatu or Kiran (Tamatu is like Hajj, where Omar and Haj are performed during different Haj months, and Qiran Combination or alternative performance is Umrah and Hajj).
  • Mahmoor is not allowed to do Hajj on behalf of himself or two people at the same time. For Mahmoor, it is compulsory for a person to send a blessing to him who sent him for Hajj e Badal.
  • Mahmoor should not remember any imperative (Farz) part of Hajj because there is no compensation for it.

Dreamy journey to Saudi Arabia

Thousand of Muslims all around the world starts their spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia, not only for Hajj or Umrah but also for visiting historically special landmarks of Makkah and Madinah. Most Muslims go to Saudi Arabia with the intention of Hajj, which is the 5th pillar of Islam. Despite the caste, creed, race, color, culture, status and language, Haj brings all the faithful servants of Allah together.

Distinct stages of Hajj have different historical backgrounds. Pilgrims go between Safa and Marwa in the memory of Hazrat Hajrah who run away in search of water for their child Hazrat Ismail. By the will of God, the Zamzam sprouts, and this water is quenching the thirst for millions of worshipers today.


Tawaf around Kabah gives the believer the concept that he should revolve around Allah. In the hadith, it has been mentioned that if Hajj is done with all his rituals and pure intentions, then its reward is nothing but jannat.

Therefore, if you get an opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia not only should you enjoy your journey but work hard to enjoy the pleasure of Allah and you should keep your intentions clean. Most people use cell phones during Tawaf, or some people regularly visit the market or other places for pleasure. Just keep in mind that this is a one time in a lifetime journey.


Useful tips for selecting best Umrah Package according to your budget and needs

Umrah is one of the most blessed visited by Millions of Muslims all over the world. It is an obligation which is very important for all Muslims in the religion of Islam. We at Labaik Tours value the sentiments held by all our Muslim people and for this reason, a number of best Umrah deals are on offering for clients to enjoy. To help you choose the appropriate package for your needs, we have considered the following tips on how you can make your selection. let’s take a look.

Step: Decide your package type: Group or Custom Deals

For any selection, the first step involves determining the type of package to be used for Umrah. You can choose a group package or a customized package. Group packages are good for those travelling on a low budget or in large groups. Custom packages are depe on the other hand are the number of people in the group. Individual needs are given preference in this package.

Umrah Packages 2019

Homework before discussing with your agent

Whenever you select deals for Umrah, you should first do homework about it which can be necessary before choosing.

Compare cost:

Before going out to select an Umrah Package, clients should always go out and compare rates of different packages and choose to best one available in the market today.

All inclusive :

It’s very important to be aware of all Umrah Deals with all costs. Speaking to the travel agency and get all respective information regarding what costs are included and not is very important when travelling for your Umrah pilgrimage.

The Right Time for Umrah

Umrah should always be pre-planned with ahead of time if you choose to get the best services available. Last minute decisions should always be postponed as they are taken in rush. Please take your time in visa processing, airline ticketing, and hotel accommodation that require time to get completed.

Labaik Tours brings the most sought after range of customized and Umrah packages

Due to being in business for a long time, Labaik Tours has earned its reputation as the most sought after travel agencies. when it comes to the offerings of either custom or Umrah group packages. Based on customer’s personal preference, Labaik Tours is known for meeting all the needs of its customers.

When it comes to choosing the right package, performing Umrah comes with a sense of responsibility. Undoubtedly, making a decision is a difficult task that involves a religious obligation. Our team of professionals from Labaik Tours works round-the-clock so that our customers can get the best quality of service so that their journey can be fully completed.

Hajj Packages 2017 for USA

Tentative Departure 22 AUG- Return 07 SEP


  • Airfare from New York (JFK)/Chicago (ORD) To Al Madina Munawarra (MED) Roundtrip Included


  • 03 Nights In Rawdah Royal inn or Al Eiman Royal Hotel (5 Star)-Across from Haram
  • Breakfast & Dinner Buffet Will Be Served


  • 03 Nights In Daral Ghufran or Swiss Hotel (5 Stars)- Across from Haram
  • Breakfast And Dinner Buffet Will Be Served

Note: Swiss Hotel Also Availaible during the 05 Days Of Manasik: 30SEP-03SEP


  • North American upgraded Air Conditioned Gypsum Board temperature controlled Camps.
  • Serving Of Meals Three Times A Day
  • 24 Hours Hot & Cold Refreshments During The Stay


  • 04 Nights In Swiss Hotel (5 Stars)- Across from Haram
  • Breakfast Buffet Will Be Served


  • 02 Nights Centro Shaheen Rotana – (5 Star)
  • Breakfast Buffet Will Be Served ​


  • Modern Buses Equipped With AC throughout the journey


  • Visit to Historical Sites In Madinah Munawarra
  • Group Accompanied by Imams Speaking Various Languages(Urdu, English, Arabic & Bengali)

Package Per Person:

  • DBL $8,998
  • TRPL $8,498
  • Quad $7998


  • HAJJ FEES ($298.00)
  • ZABIHA ($148.00)


  • Hajj Package 2C No Aziza from $6700

Travel Dates

  • Tentative dates Depart August 22/23th 2017, Return  September 06 to 07th 2017
  • Tentative dates Depart August 22/23th 2017, Return  September 06 to 07th 2017

Package Per Person:

  • DBL $7,998
  • TRPL $7200
  • Quad $6,700


  • HAJJ FEES ($300.00)
  • ZABIHA ($150.00)

​Makkah 5th Dhul Hijjah – 14th Dhul Hijjah

  • Accommodation in 4 star hotel 600M from Haram
  • Enjoy 5 Daily pray at Haram
  • Open Buffet Breakfast and dinner is included.
  • Pilgrims will always have access to Hotel room in Makkah at all time

​Minna  08th Zul-Hijja – 13th Zul-Hijja

  • Accommodation in Mena will be upgraded North American Camps with air-conditioned Tents.
  • Accommodation at Arafat will be North American Camps .
  • Mattress/Sofa Beds will be provided to the pilgrims at the time of the Hajj.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Soft Drinks will be served.
  • Muslim Scholar and Group leader will assist the group.
  • Pilgrims will always have access to Hotel room at all time during Hajj Manasik

​Madinah 14th Thul-hijja

  • Transportation to Madinah in Air-Conditioned buses
  • Accommodation in 4 or 5  Star Hotel in Madinah close to Masjid Al-Nabawi.
  • Open Buffet Breakfast and dinner is included.
  • Sightseeing of historic places in Madinah ‘Mazarat’ is included.


  • Scholar Imam and Group leader will assist the group.
  • Online or local webinar/seminar  for Hajj preparation.
  • The departure and arrival date may vary +/- 1 -3 days according to flights schedule.
  • The Hajj Fee of $300  and Zabiha Fee of $ 130/- is NOT included in the Hajj package price.
  • Hotel names will be available by end of May.  All Hotels subject to change till Signing the Contract by Hajj Ministry end MAY

Affordable Hajj 1A 2017 -Duration: (18AUG-07SEP)



  • Airfare from New York (JFK)/Chicago (ORD) To Al Madinah Munawarra (MED) Roundtrip Included


  • 03 Nights In Al Eiman Taiba OR Similar (4 Star)-Across from Haram
  • Breakfast & Dinner Buffet Will Be Provided


  • 08 Nights In Apartment Hotel (Makkah Suburb Azizia District)
  • Breakfast & Dinner Buffet Will Be Provided


  • Air Conditioned Camps
  • Serving of Meals Three Times A Day
  • 24/7 Hot & Cold Refreshments During The Stay

Note: Makkah Apartment Hotel Makkah Suburb Azizia District Stay Also Available During 05 Days of Manasik


  • 04 Nights In Apartment Hotel (Makkah Suburb)
  • Breakfast & Dinner Buffets Will Be Served


  • Land Transportation In New Air Conditioned Bus


  • Sightseeing In Madinah Munawarra
  • Group Accompanied by Imams Speaking Various Languages(Urdu, English,Arabic & Bengali)

Package Per Person:

$5,998  Based On Quad Occupancy. No double or triple available in this program


  • HAJJ FEES ($298.00)
  • ZABIHA ($148.00)
  • MOBILE PHONE ($95.00)

Important Notes:

  • *Add on flights from cities other than New York, Washington & Chicago are available at additional prices. Please inquire before purchasing.
  • Departure date may vary +/- 1-2 days depending on flight schedule and without any prior notice. Hotel stay dates may vary +/- 1-2 days due to Islamic Hijri dates and moon sighting.
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New Umrah Visa Saudi Arabian policy for 2016 -2017

Saudi Ministry of Hajj has implemented new Umrah visa policy starting from Moharram of 2016 for new Umrah season. If anyone have performed Umrah within last 3 years then must pay $545/person 9 SR 2000 + $10 processing fee). That will also apply to infant and child. Below is the link for it. It is not a happy news for Umrah Travelers but there is no choice left after this new umrah policy.