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What are the two Hajj packages available this year and what is the difference?

This year 2022 we are offering 2 Packages (a) Gold package, Madinah first Non Shifting and no Azizia building stay.  Another one is Madinah first, 2C  19 to 20 days ( +/- 1 day).  Package A has same Makkah hotel through out Makkah stay and will also be available during Manasik. It will be Haram front Hotel within close walking distance.  Package 2 (2C) has partial Azizia stay 2 days before and 2 days after Hajj Manasik/Hajj Rituals.  However Package 2C will be transfered to Hotel accross/near Haram on 14th ZH after completing the Hajj Mansik. This will be peaceful time to enjoy Hajj completion time near to Haram. Person can do tawaf and extra Umrah with much peace of mind.

Is Azizia apartment building stay during Hajj Manasik is something not good?  

Not really. It is misconseption. As matter of  fact it’s an advantage to have accomodation near Mina and Jamarat area and within walking distance.   Hujjaj can utilize this as their 2nd accomodation beside Mina tents for their day time rest.  Usually it’s not simple to be in mina tents for multiple days.  However it’s sunnah to stay in Minah tents but this apartments will serve as backup during Hajj difficult days.

Is Gold non shifting package also have apartment building stay?

Gold Package has no apartment building stay. There room still be available during Manasik and near the Haram.. However food may not be offered in hotel from 8 zh to 12 zh and only be available in Mina tents.

Q.  Why we not stay near Haram all the time?

A.   During Hajj main days of, hujjaj are required to stay in Mina area and not front of Haram. Hujjaj perform a sequence of Hajj rituals in Mina, Arafat and Jamarat area which is far from haram anyway.

What is ‘Manasik’  ?

Hajj Manasik is the actual rituals of Hajj. It’s a process consist of about 5 days in which Hujjaj ( travellers) goes to Minah tents , Arafat tents, Mazdelepha open ground over night sleeping, back to Minah and then go to Jamarat to throw stone on symbol of devil and then go to do Tawaf of Kaba.

Will food be served?

Yes, Breakfast and Dinner only in hotels and During Hajj Manasik lunch will also be served. However, During Manasik it will be a boxed meal. No meal will be served in the Hotel during 8 ZH to 12 ZH beacuse everyone performs Hajj in the Mina area.

What kind of Mina Tents are available?

North American upgraded Air Conditioned tents.  Approximately 30 to 40 minutes walk ( depending how slow or fast a person walks)  from tents to Jamarat. However our apartment building serves as a rest point after a long walk.  There is no transport available inside Mina area to go to Jamarat ( devil stonning area).

Is wheelchair be provided? 

Yes, however you have to inform us at the time of booking and 2 days before your departure. Wheelchairs can be available to disable Hujja but must order prior to Hajj start. A person for wheelchair pushing can be hired at an extra cost.

Transport will be provided. 

Yes, Transfers will be provided in Private buses for Airport pickup/Drop and city transfer, Except the Manasik days where we depend on Ministry provided buses. There will be no transport offered by Labaik tours to go to Haram from Mina due to the crowded traffic situation and difficulty for buses. Hujjaj has to arrange their own smaller vehicles such as taxis or mini vans available outside Mina area.

Can I stay with my wife/Husband in the same room?

Yes if you purchased double occupancy.  There is no double or triple occupancy during apartment stay and that only applies to Hotel stay. In the Gold package you can have your room double/triple or quad unchanged throughout your stay in makkah.

If I buy Quad 4 per room occupancy then can I stay with my wife/husband? 

No. Women and men will stay seperate rooms but near to each other.

Does Labaik Tours provide Ihram for Hajj?

Yes, Inshallah, Labaik Tours will provide Ihram for Men and Hijab for women along with Hajj guide book.

Will the Scholar/ Sheikh be travelling with a group?

Yes, inshallah. Names will be announced later.  Beside that there will be group leader and guides  inshallah will be traveling with the group.

What about Hajj class? 

Hajj class will be on zoom meeting online just a few weeks before Hajj. Anyone can join from anywhere. Invitation and instructions will be sent.

Is my Package refundable?

All travel services and Packages are non-refundable.  You may consider buying travel insurance such as

What if I miss the Hajj flight?  

You must be on Airport few hours prior to flight departure time.  We do not take responsibility if you miss your flight.

Do you provide departure from all of the USA airports?

We provide service to USA residents only and then can be anywhere in the United states. They must purchase their domestic flight themselves to connect to Washington ( IAD), New York ( JFK) and Chicago (ORD) airports.  Los Angeles and Dallas Texas can be available for $300 to $400 extra per person.

What are the Veccine and PCR test requirements

All vaccines are required including booster shots. A PCR test within 48 hours of departure is also required. You must keep your proof with you beore and during travel. Flight missed due to having these proofs not available,  will not  be the responsibility of Labaik Tours or its agent and not be replaced or refunded.

How can I register for the Hajj package? 

Fill the form below as the first step.  You may also message us on whatsapp 1-571-777-9199 ( Message only).  You need to provide us with Passport copies, Registration form as scanned copy email to us or uploaded to your portal account. You may request your portal account by messaging on whatsapp or emailing to us.

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