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What should women wear during Umrah?

Umrah Women Dress

Umrah is an Arabic word that means to visit populated places. Also known as small pilgrimage, practiced and performed voluntarily by Muslims to show their devotion towards Almighty Allah. Umrah is a holy ritual which comprises of adorning the Ihram ( two-piece unstitched cloth for men, any regular and acceptable modest dressing for women), circumambulation of the Holy Kaaba followed by Saee which is ritualistic running/walking between the mountains of Safa and Marwa. Before going for Umrah, everyone needs to learn about rituals and how to perform it. But, before learning about it, you need to select the best Umrah Package for you and your family members. It can be done anytime in a year.


———-Clothing Tips For Women For Umrah———


  •  There is no specific dress that is prescribed for women, unlike men. They can wear their everyday clothing; the only condition is their clothes must be clean and sewn to cover their body parts properly. Don’t take just one piece of Ihram (abayas). Keep at least three sets of Ihram (Abayas) as you’re going to work multiple times. (Ihram basically means covering the main organs).


  •  Ihram for Women should be made from the fabric which doesn’t stick to the body and must be sufficiently thick & long as well as loose-fitting(breathable), so as to not reveal any part of the body in the sunlight. Also, women can wear any color.


  •  If you are covering your face, the cloth should not touch your face, there should be some distance between your face and cloth and need to cover up till your ankle and wrist. But wearing a headscarf is necessary too. You can for soft or lightweight cotton thick scarf. (Thick scarf – To avoid any see-through).


  •  Any kind of attractive scent shouldn’t have emerged from the Ihram.


  •  You can wear jewelry but wearing it for fashion purposes or to show off is forbidden during the performance of Umrah.


  •  Gloves or any other thing that covers their hands are also not allowed.

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