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Hajj 2024 Hajj Package Deluxe Madinah First (2C) 17 Days - 50 seats for USA UK and Canada

$11998 14 days
  • For USA Canada and UK Residents with Pakistan Passport.
  • Not required to Travel to Pakistan.
  • 17 days stay
  • 5 star Hotel  in Makkah & Madinah
  • Mina Sheet Rock Temperature controlled AC Tents with Sofa Bed.
  • AC  Luxury Buses
  • Round trip airfare
  • Breakfast and dinner buffets are provided in Makkah and Madinah hotels
  • Hajj coordinator and scholar (Shaykh) for guidance throughout the Hajj
  • Hajj Training before and during the Hajj.

Package Information


As you aware of last 2 years situation that Saudi Arabia has implemented new Hajj policy for USA and Europe which made quota from these region very limited. Labaik Tours has decided to operate on Hajj quota from Pakistan, yet Hujjaj will not require to visit there and can go for Hajj directly from USA, Canada and United Kingdom.  A person who wants to go for Hajj for 2024 ( Inshallah) must have Pakistani passport.  Pakistan resident card will not work. Pakistani Passport holders from United States, Canada and United Kingdom residents can apply and utilize this Hajj package.  If you are interested please fill-out the form below. Spaces are limited.

  • 5 Star hotels
  • Duration: 17 days
  • Departure: To be announced
  • Makkah Hotel: 5-star hotel across Haram. Accessible during main days of Hajj Manasik.  (name to be announced soon, Inshallah)
  • Madinah Hotel: 5-star hotel across Al-Masjid an-Nabawī  (name to be announced soon, Inshallah)


  • 3/4 in a room: $11,998
  • 2 in a room: $12,998
Price Excludes

Hajj fee to the Saudi Government ($500) 

Zabiha (Qurbani) $175

VAT Tax $650

Domestic flights to international gateways

FedEx or any other document mailing costs ($25/family)


Package Duration: Approximately 17 days : Depends on your flight schedule

Departure & Return Location

Leave from NYC,  Washington, Chicago.(Houston & Dallas add $250, add $350 if from LAX/SFO). Please note: departure and return date could vary +1/-1 day depending on the city and flight situation.

Available Departure from United Kingdom and Canada. 

Price Includes
  • Round trip airfare. 
  • Madinah Hotel:  5 star across Al-Masjid an-Nabawī – Breakfast & Dinner
  • Makkah Hotel: 5 star across Haram Breakfast & Dinner
  • Access to the upgraded B catagory Solid sheet Rock walled, AC tent in Mina near Jamarat
  • Few days in Al Azizia Building near Mina/Jamarat – Quad occupancy only here.
Food & Services of this package
  • Breakfast and dinner buffets are provided in Makkah and Madinah hotels
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided during the days of Hajj
  • Dedicated office staff to cater to all pre-Hajj questions and procedures
  • Dedicated Hajj Guides and scholar (Shaykh) for guidance throughout the Hajj
  • Ground staff of locals assisting you throughout the trip
  • Hajj seminars online/in-person, PDFs and a personalized guidebook
Labaik tours Gifts
  • Educational training and books before you depart
  • Ihram (for men) and pilgrim’s Hijab (for sisters)
  • Backpack, shoe bag, pebble bag, and Ihram belt
  • Personalized ID badges
  • Destination
    Madinah First Arrival
  • Departure
    United states  Canada  United Kingdom

Terms & Conditions
A deposit of $2000/person is required. Remaining full amount to be paid by May 1st, 2024. Applying after May 1  Required full payment.

Price subject to change without prior notice. If there is any new Tax or cost announced by Saudi Arabia Hajj ministry then the client is responsible to pay added charges prior to travel.

Your travel package and services are non-refundable. Travel Guard insurance plan (Optional) can help.
By proceeding, you are accepting our terms. Get Insurance. To Protect Your Investment! A Travel Guard travel insurance plan can help cover your vacation investment, offset expenses from unforeseen incidents and travel mishaps and provide you with emergency travel assistance. To learn more about all of the benefits of purchasing a Travel Guard travel insurance plan, please click here.

The reality of Hajj Pilgrimage:
Due to the huge rising number of pilgrimage every year in two holy cities of Saudi Arabia, it’s not possible to have everything on time and 100% perfect as per our wish. Hajj is the biggest gathering on the face of the earth as well as the difficult worship. Allah Subhan Talah has prescribed it to those who can financially and physically able to afford this. However, the reward in a result which Allah Talah has promised it is nothing but “Jannah” and sin-free like a newborn baby. You may expect extremely hot weather, illness, high traffic, delays in transport arrival/departure, flight delays and sudden changes in schedule, airline carrier, accommodation or any unexpected situation beyond anyone’s control, Delays in food arrival in Mina and Arafat due to huge traffic around the city of Makkah. Labaik Tours wants to be honest to tell you these facts so you can be prepared for this.


Please Note: The prices may vary on Departure/Arrival Date, City, Room Occupancy and availability at the time of reservation.


Reviews travellers

  • Cleanliness5.0
  • Location5.0
  • Staff5.0
  • Free Wi-Fi 4.9
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Facilities4.9
  • Value for money 5.0
Labaik Tours, LLC.
Hassan El- Amin

Bismillah. What an excellent experience! My wife Martha and I were treated with courtesy, care, compassion and expertise by Bro. Sayeed and his staff, both prior to and during our Hajj 2018. Onsite services (guided tours, boxed meals, emergency assistance) ranged from "satisfactory" to "outstanding". Hajj by definition presents many logistical challenges; what we appreciated most was Syeed's RESPONSIVENESS and SENSITIVITY to solving most of those problems--from help in retrieving lost luggage to getting medical treatment for our cold and flu-like symptoms. I reject categorically any accusations against the character or behavior of this sincere and humble brother. May Allah swt negate and neutralize any attempt to slander Syeed and/or his company. I would not hesitate to rebook another hajj or umrah with Labaik, especially if I had a group of English-speaking Americans traveling with me. (The main downside of our tour with Labaik was that Urdu, not English, was the idiom in which many of the technical and spiritual messages were conveyed--a great deal being lost in informal translations). But the SPIRIT of the Labaik staff and the excellent hotel accommodations in Mecca and Medina more than compensated for this small inconvenience; plus we made fast friends from a whole new ethnic group (Pakistani-Americans, with the sisters making hajj with Martha treating her with great care and kindness, often expressing amazement that an African-American woman would find such satisfaction in Islam!) Well done, LABAIK!! You have a great name and you lived up to it! May ALLAH swt bless you in the months and years ahead! And with an all-English program you'll get that 5th Star from this hajji! (smile) Hassan El-Amin Retired Circuit Court Judge Prince George's County, MD.

Labaik Tours, LLC.
Haseeb Jandula

Mashallah Good service. highly reliable . We went with them last year and everything went well.

Labaik Tours, LLC.
Adnan Samia

I would Highly recommend anyone going "ALONE or with FAMILY" to go with Labaik Tours ... You will not be disappointed ... They go above and beyond to meet your needs ... I truly believe in " Quality over Quantity " and although many suggested Labaik Tours is not that well known, I should go with another well known company. However I am a person that is an experienced traveller who travels 400,000+ miles a year for work, I compared the packages and Labaik Tours was offering SAME if not BETTER for FAR LESS of a PRICE with meeting 5 STAR QUALITY standards !!! After our trip, some did not believe how I stayed in such 5 star hotel and did so much for so Less ... I came to find out - He is not doing this for $$$, infact he is a very successful business man whose passion is to take others to MECCA & MEDINAH so he ensures all guest are treated the same and quality is there without pocketing much profit. The Owner of Labaik Tours Mr Saeed , if you go with him You will NOT REGRET IT ... Best of luck in your trip :)

Labaik Tours, LLC.

Trust worthy and helping team, gives all kinds of travel services i had a great experience with them when i went for umrah in march group. they provided good hotels and transport. Highly Recommended

Labaik Tours, LLC.
Samia Butt

I was blessed to go for Umrah and LabaikTours was the agency we went with. Many said go with Dar El Salam as they are the best, however we decided based on comparing packages what Labaik Tours was offering same as Dar El Salam but saving us over 600/800 us dollars per person !!! For me it was my first time, I was nervous and I am so happy we had Labaik Tours who guided us every step of the way. The trip was beyond amazing and I feel we received same if not better services compared to Dar El Salam without paying the premium which saved our family in thousands. You are in Safe Hands with Labaik Tours

Serving more than 5 years with service excellence. Our mission to serve the visitors of house of Allah Talah with best of our efforts and provide them best comfortable journey.

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